AMP Desktop for Chrome

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP Project aims to improve the experience of reading web content on mobile clients, while maintaining publisher's ability to make money from their content (ads!).

For it to succeed, it needs to be adopted by clients. We built AMP Desktop because we felt this very pain-point and are passionate about improving how people read and discover content on mobile.

AMP on the desktop

There's no reason to only consume AMP enabled content on mobile. For that reason we've built Safari and Chrome extensions that will load AMP versions of articles when present.

The AMP versions of articles, as well as loading faster, tend to be a lot cleaner and easier to read. AMP supports ads, but not JavaScript, so any ads on AMP articles should be a lot less obnoxious and resource intensive than is often the case.


Chrome Extension that will redirect to the AMP version of pages when available.

Trying it out

Over time, it's expected (hoped) that lots of publishers will support AMP. For now, these publishers have quite a lot of their content available as AMP:

Visit news articles from these publishers with either the Chrome or Safari extension installed and enabled to view AMP versions.