Editorial Analytics

Does Google Analytics falls short for you? Our application assists the user throughout the editorial process:
  • Detect what are the issues that matter most readers are
  • Extract data from already published content
  • Suggests improvements to increase the impact on the audience
  • All this information can help you target advertising to their publications.
  • Real time data
Before developing a content (text or multimedia) application will suggest the journalist what are the issues better demand-supply ratio.

During the lifecycle of that content application will suggest changes to increase the dissemination and will send alerts if relevant news should occur. Not only show graphs as an application of analytical web, it will show more results relevant and possible causes of the rise or fall of income.

At the end of the week analytic functions and business intelligence which inform the editor are the thematic, sections and most profitable editors and advise you on your publishing strategy.

When it comes to managing your digital media publicity regarding its advertisers, may exercise greater power of conviction about it if you offer real data on the number of visits to their environment, demographic characteristics of readers, etc.